Final Goes to Replay After Extra Time

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J. J. Kavanagh and Sons North J.A.H.C. Final (25/08/2013)
Young Irelands 2-13      Lisdowney 1-16
Lisdowney found the net in the last minute of extra time to bring this north junior a final to a replay after the sides had been level at the end of normal time. Lisdowney broke through the Gowran defence and flicked the rebound to the net after the initial shot had been saved to cruelly deny Gowran victory.
Lisdowney were first to find their range in the match landing a free in the first minute. They added a second point before JP Treacy pointed a 65 for Gowran's first score in the 7th minute. This was the first of three scores in three minutes as Ger Corcoran and Gearoid Kennedy also found their range.  Lisdowney responded with three more points to leave them up by two after the first quarter. Jp Treacy then cut a sideline over the bar and Paul Delehunty also got on the scoresheet to level matters with ten minutes left in the half. At this stage both defences shut up shop as a combination of good defending and poor shooting, from both sides, meant there was no score for the rest of the half and the sides went in level five points apiece.
Again Lisdowney opened the scoring in the second half with a pointed free before JP Treacy replied in kind. Lisdowney took the lead in the 37th minute but the sides were level again within two minutes, another JP Treacy free. Jody Foley pointed in the middle of two Lisdowney points before substitute DJ Carey found the net in the 51st minute. This left Gowran up by two with nine minutes to play but Lisdowney found three points before JP Treacy held his nerve to point another free in the 58th minute to bring the game to extra time.
For the third time Lisdowney opened their account first on the restart as they pointed twice before DJ Carey again found the net, a rocket to the top corner, in the 5th minute of extra time. Lisdowney levelled just inside the second half of extra time but Gowran scored three points in three minutes from JP Treacy (free), Thomas Drennan and Paul Delehunty. With five minutes left Lisdowney pointed a free but JP Treacy landed a huge point to leave Gowran three up going into the final two minutes of extra time. Just when Irelands were starting to think the result would be theirs Lisdowney pounced to make both side have to return again another day.

Team; Martin Carey, Martin Carter, Ciaran Carroll, Eoin Walsh, Patrick Drennan, Niall Walsh, William Bolger, JP Treacy (0-7, 5f), Ollie Carter, Peter Carroll, Thomas Drennan (0-1), Paul Delehunty (0-2), Ger Corcoran (0-1), Jody Foley (0-1), Gearoid Kennedy (0-1) Subs; Sean Carey for Jer Corcoran (37th min), DJ Carey (2-0) for Gearoid Kennedy (48th min), Liam Drea, Peter McBride, Vincent Hogan, Alan Roche, Jack Glendon (inj), James O'Neill (inj), Philip Dreelan (inj) 

North Final Beckons After Extra Time

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J. J. Kavanagh and Sons North J.A.H.C. (17/08/2013)
Young Irelands 2-18      St. Lachtains 1-16
It took extra time to separate the sides in this junior a north championship semi final after the sides finished level, 1 - 12 to 0 - 15, in normal time. Young Irelands opened the scoring in the 3rd minute with a pointed free from JP Treacy. However, with the aid of a strong breeze St. Lachtains took control of the game and by the 16th minute had scored 6 points to Gowrans one, again from a JP Treacy free. At this stage Gowran were finiding it hard to pick up breaks in the final third. Charlie Carter scored twice but Lachtains responded scoring a point of their own. Irelands scored again in the 29th minute, Paul Delahaunty slotting over a nice point from a Peter Carroll knock down before St. Lachtains scored the final point of the half. Despite the strong breeze, Irelands went in just three points down, 0-5 to 0-8.
St Lachtains were the first to score in the second half but Gowran were to dominate the next fifteen minutes. In these fifteen minutes St. Lachtains could only manage two points while Gowran notched up 1-6, the scores coming from Ollie Carter (0-1), Thomas Drennan (0-3), Charlie Carter (0-1) and Jody Foley (1-0). This left Gowran leading by four with quarter of an hour remaining. In this quarter Gowran managed just one point from Thomas Drennan while St. Lachtains fought back scoring five points to send the game to extra time.
Gowran, dispite playing against the stiff breeze, controlled the first half of extra time and scored 1-3 while also holding St. Lachtains scoreless. The scorers were Sean Carey (0-1), Thomas Drennan (0-2) and DJ Carey (1-0). Gowran pointed two more frees at the start of the second half of extra time, both from DJ Carey, to leave them 8 points in the lead. This was to prove too much for St. Lachtains to over come thought they did manage 1-1 in the final stages to Gowrans 0-1 from Sean Carey.

Team; Martin Carey, Eoin Walsh, Ciaran Carroll, Martin Carter, Ollie Carter (0-1), JP Treacy (0-3, 3f), Willie Bolger, Gearoid Kennedy, John Morris, Peter Carroll, Jody Foley (1-0), Paul Delahunty (0-1), Charlie Carter (0-3), Tom Drennan (0-6), Ger Corcoran Subs; Peter Huntchinson for Ger Corcoran (half time), Sean Carey (0-2) for Peter Caroll (37th min), DJ Carey (1-2) for Paul Delahunty (54th min), Liam Drea, Philip Dreelan, Vincent Hogan, Peter McBride, Jack Glendon (inj)   

Junior A's Advance

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J. J. Kavanagh and Sons North J.A.H.L. Group B (04/05/2013)
Young Irelands 1-15      St. Lachtains 1-5

Young Irelands registered a decisive victory in what was effectively a knockout game in Freshford on Saturday night. Victory here, the final game of the league stage of the competition, would see either side progress. It was Irelands however who came out on top largely due to a splendid fifteen minutes following half time. The first half saw Gowran battle against the breeze and went in at half time in the lead by a single point. Scores in the opening half came from JP Treacy (2), Paul Delahunty (2), Frankie Farrell (2, 1f) and John Morris. St Lachtains had managed 1-3 themselves to leave the score 0-7 to 1-3 at the break.
Young Irelands took full advantage of the breeze in the second half landing some fine long range points. Indeed the Irelands goal also came from a long range shot which dropped just short and was met with a flick from the inrushing Ger Corcoran who had been moved up from defense at half time. St Lactains added a point during the opening stages of the half but scores from Paul Delehunty, Frankie Farrell (2), JP Treacy (2, 1f) and the goal from Ger Corcoran left Gowran eight points up when St Lachtains were awarded a penalty. Martin Carey made a fine save in the goal and within a minute of the save Gowran added a further point through a JP Treacy 65'. This four point swing seemed to seal the victory. Gowran added 2 further points from Jody Foley and Charlie Carter as St Lachtains added a pointed free. St Lactains did apply pressure for the last quarter of the game but the Gowran defense stood firm as neither side managed to register a score for the final 10 minutes. The final score left Young Irelands with a 10 point winning margin.

Team; Martin Carey, Philip Dreeling, Jack Glendon, Ciaran Carroll, Ger Corcoran (1-0), Niall Walsh, William Bolger, Eoin Walsh, JP Treacy (0-5, 1f, 1 65'), Paul Delehunty (0-3), Jody Foley (0-1), Frankie Farrell (0-4, 1f), Charlie Carter (0-1), DJ Carey, John Morris (0-1) Subs; Liam Drea for Charlie Carter, Declan Bennett for Paul Delehunty, Vincent Hogan for John Morris

Junior A's Register First Win

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J. J. Kavanagh and Sons North J.A.H.L. Group B
Young Irelands 1-16      Graigue Ballycallan 1-9

A fine overall first half performance lay the foundations for the first victory of the year for the junior A's. On top of this Irelands also put in a solid defensive showing, with 8 points from Graigue Ballycallans scoreline of 1 - 9 coming from frees and their only point from play in the 55th minute. Graigue Ballycallan did start the scoring with a pointed free in the first minute but Gowran were 3 points up after six minutes with points from Martin Carey (f), JP Treacy (f) and Charlie Carter. Irelands never lost their lead from that point to the finish. Graigue pointed a second free in the 7th minute but a deluge of points from Martin Carey (2 1f), Danny Glendon, Jody Foley, John Morris and Charlie Carter left Gowran ahead by 9 points to 2 after 20 minutes. Ballycallan hit back with a goal but this was cancelled out within two minutes when Martin Carey found the net. Charlie Carter also pointed once either side of the goal. G. Ballycallan added a third free but Eoin Walsh landed a fine score before the whistle to leave the score 1 -12 to 1 - 3 at half time.
Both sides landed a point just after half time, Irelands coming from the stick of JP Treacy. At this stage scores became less frequent. Irelands outscored G. Ballycallan by 3 points to 2 between the 31st and 50th minute, Martin Carey (f), John Morris and Charlie Carter with the scores. However, Gowran failed to score from that point to the finish while Graigue Ballycallan added 3 more points. In the end the result wasn't in doubt but Irelands will be hoping to the keep their performance level up for the full 60 minutes in their next outing against St. Lachtains.

Team; DJ Carey, Philip Dreelan, Jack Glendon, Ciaran Carroll, Eoghan Farrell, Niall Walsh, William Bolger, Eoin Walsh (0-1), JP Treacy (0-2 1f), Paul Delahunty, Jody Foley (0-1), Martin Carey (1-4 3f), Charlie Carter (0-5), John Morris (0-2), Danny Glendon (0-1) Subs; Declan Bennett for Martin Carey (42mins), Liam Drea for Philip Dreelan (47mins), Alan Roche for Charlie Carter (55mins)

Junior Footballers Enjoy League Success

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J. J. Kavanagh and Sons J.F.L.
Sunday 24th February 2013, St Martins GAA Grounds

Young Irelands 5 - 8 Railyard B 2 - 5

The Junior Footballers victory in the Junior League Final ensured the new year started on a high with some silverware. The game began with a point from either side, Irelands coming from captain Jonny Dunphy before a 45' from JJ Lennon found its way straight to the net. Railyard then had two points cancelled out by two Lennon frees before Paul Kehoe and Michael Walsh slotted over to leave Gowran with a 5 point lead at the break, 1 - 5 to 0 - 3.
Gowran came out of the traps quickly in the second half and added 1 - 2 to Railyards single point, Irelands scores came from Paul Kehoe (1-0), JJ Lennon (0-1, 1f) and Jonny Dunphy (0-1). Railyard were then awarded a penalty which was dispatched to reduce Gowrans lead to 6 points. Railyard did add a further point but Gowran managed to halt the tide when Tommy Carroll found the net but Railyard pushed on and found a further goal of their own from another penalty. This was to be their last score as Jonny Dunphy found the net from a poor Railyard kickout before Railyard were reduced to 14 men. At this stage the Railyard challenge fizzled out and Gowran added the final 1-1 to finish as 12 point victors.

Team; Ger Corcoran, Jack Glendon, Sean Kehoe, Michael Lennon, Eoin Walsh, Niall Walsh, Emmett Byrne, Paul Kehoe (1-1), JJ Lennon (2-4, 1-3 from frees), Dick Carroll, Chris Nolan, Michael Walsh (0-1), Ciaran Carroll, Thomas Carrol (1-0), Jonny Dunphy (captain) (1-2) Subs; Peter McBride for Ciaran Carroll, Liam Drea for Thomas Carroll, Eoin Farrell for Michael Walsh, Philip Dreelan, Declan Bennett, Thomas Drennan, Alan Drennan, James O'Neill

U21's Suffer Repeated Final Heartache

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JJ Kavanagh and Son North Under-21 B H.C. 
Young Irelands 0 - 12 Fenians 1 - 13

Despite a huge team effort and a spirited second half performance the u21's suffered a a repeat of last years loss in the northern u21 final. Gowran were slow to start and took almost 20 minutes to open their account though a Paul Holden 65'. By that time Fenians had racked up five points of their own, three coming from placed balls. Gowran also suffered a blow as Paul Delahanty was forced off through injury. Fenians finished the half with three more scores, two fine long distance points and another free. In the same time Young Irelands added two more Paul Holden frees to leave Gowran trailing by five points at the break, Young Irelands 0 - 3 Fenians 0 - 8.
Gowran came out in the second half with added vigour and registered their first score from play through Niall Walsh. Fenians replied but Paul Holden landed a further free and Sean Kehoe pointed from the left. This narrowed the score to three points and was to be the closest the Gowran men would get to Fenians. Gowran were given a sucker punch when a half hooked effort from 30 yards evaded everyone to land in the back of the net putting Fenians six up. With every mistimed tackle being punished by some fine free taking from Fenians the Gowran men seemed to find it harder to come by scores but none the less they fought back with points from John Morris, Paul Holden (0-4, 2f, 1 65') and Gearoid Kennedy before the finish. Fenians had added a further two points themselves giving them a four point victory.
A huge effort was made by both the panel and management team of Martin Carey, Alan Roche, Ciaran Carroll and John Comerford but unfortunately the title evaded them yet again. Despite the result all those eligible again next year will be looking forward with a positive attitude and will be aiming to buck the current trend.

Team; Peter Hutchinson, Patrick Drennan, Jack Glendon, Philip Dreeling, Eoin Walsh, Paul Holden (0-8, 5f, 2 65'), Emmett Byrne, John Morris (0-1), JP Treacy, Paul Delahanty, Niall Walsh (0-1), Sean Kehoe (0-1), Gearoid Kennedy (0-1), Chris Nolan, Declan Bennett
Subs; Sean Farrell for Paul Delehanty, Liam Drea, Sean Lynch, Bill Brennan, Michael Dunne, Sean O'Neill, Sean Carey

Tullaroan Ends Minors League Run

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Kilkenny Honda Centre Minor Hurling League Roinn C (22/07/2012)
Young Irelands 0-8      Tullaroan 2-12
The minors year came to an end in Palmerstown after defeat to a Tullaroan side who had already won the Minor Roinn C Championship earlier in the year. Though only 4 points stood between the teams at half time an early flurry of scores from Tullaroan in the second half left Irelands with a mammoth uphill task.
Both sides started well with Gowran scores from two points from Paul Delehaunty including one great score from a tight angle and three fine frees from JP Treacy, one almost on the sideline from all of 65 metres. Despite this Tullaroan had managed to notch 5 points in the equivalent space of time but had a penalty saved off the line. A Delahaunty point (16mins) and a Treacy free (18mins) meant the scoreline read 0-5 apiece with just under 20 minutes played. Then a killer blow arrived when Tullaroan found the net on 20 minutes and added a free 2 minutes later. Delehaunty notched a third point (22mins) but this was cancelled out by a Tullaroan point before the break to leave the scoreline 0-6 to 1-7 in favour of Tullaroan.
The game decisive period came within 3 minutes of the break when Tullaroan pounced for their second goal of the game and followed this by three points to leave them leading by 10 points after 15 minutes in the second half. The Young Irelanders never gave up, throwing everything forward. Although fine scores from Nathan Cahill and Gearoid Kennedy were matched by Tullaroan scores they had a number of shots cleared off the line or blocked by the last line of defence before the final whistle blew.
This result brings an end to the year for the minors. A huge thank you the management team of Cathal Fitzgerald, Mick Lynch and James Brien for all of their work throughout the year.

Team; Ted Drea, Bill Brennan, Philip Dreelan, Jaime O'Brien, Sean Lynch, JP Treacy, Sean Roche, Sean O'Neill, Gearoid Kennedy, Geoff Brennan, Paul Delehaunty, Liam Drea, Nathan Cahill, Sean Farrell, Michael Lennon subs; Brian Rudkins, Kevin Brennan, Jeremy Farrell Unavailable; Peter Hutchinson, Sean Carey, Michael Dunne

Juniors defeat Freshford

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JJ Kavanagh and Sons Northern Junior A Hurling championship Fifth round (22/07/2012)
Young Irelands 0-13      Freshford 1-6
The junior A's continued their run of fine form o leave them with just one defeat from five games in the Junior A Championship. On a day when the cross field wind caused trouble for both sets of forwards it was the Irelands forwards who managed it best hitting less than half the number of wides hit by their opponents Freshford.
Freshford took an early lead (2nd minute) but Gowran responded with three unanswered points, all from play, two from Sean Kehoe and one from Thomas Carroll (6th, 7th and 8th minutes). Freshford responded emphatically with a goal (8th minute) buried in the top corner leaving goalie, James O'Neill, with little chance. Sean Kehoe again pointed for Irelands (12th minute) but this was immediately cancelled out by a Freshford free (13th minute). Scores dried up at this stage and only one more score came before the break, yet again from the stick of kehoe (22nd minute). This left the scores level at half time 0-5 to 1-2. Irelands did lose corner back Jack Glendon just before the whistle with a toe injury.
The second half began in similar fashion to the first with a freshford point (31st minute) but Gowran again replied strongly, this time with five unanswered scores, Sean Kehoe scored a free (34th minute), Jody Foley pointed twice (40th and 41st minutes), Thomas Carroll added the fourth (44th minute)  and JP Treacy converted a free (50th minute). Gowran lost centre back Ollie Carter through injury but were up by four points with ten minutes left to play. Freshford added a free (54th minute) before they were reduced to 14 men when the referee, Ollie O'Neill, produced a second yellow card following a scuffle caused by a foul on Alan Roche. JP Treacy pointed the resulting free (56th minute). Both sides added two scores before the finish, Freshfords in the 59th and 63rd minutes and Irelands in the 60th from Jody Foley and the 61st from JP Treacy.

Team: James O'Neill, Ger Corcoran, Emmett Byrne, Jack Glendon, Patrick Drennan, Ollie Carter, Martin Carter, Michael Lennon, Paul Delehaunty, JP Treacy, Thomas Carroll, Jody Foley, Danny Glendon, Peter Carroll, Sean Kehoe Subs: Alan Drennan for Jack Glendon (29th minute), Alan Roche for Ollie Carter (47th minute), Declan Bennett, Liam Drea

8 point win for Irelands

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JJ Kavanagh and Sons Northern Junior A Hurling championship fourth round (07/07/2012)
Young Irelands 1-16      Conahy Shamrocks 1-8
The junior A's took their record in the championship to 3 wins from four with a solid performance in Jenkinstown on Saturday evening. Irelands took the lead in the first minute and were to stay in front to the finish. Charlie Carter opened the scoring but minutes later play was halted for almost five minutes after Paul Delahaunty took a heavy knock which forced an early substitution. JP Treacy pointed the resulting free (7 mins). Charlie Carter and Thomas Carroll added two quick points (13 and 14 mins) before Conahy opened their account in the 23rd minute from a placed ball. Jody Foley slotted over a point but this was cancelled out within seconds by a second Conahy free (both 24 min). Eoin Walsh was then substituted after receiving an injury in a tough challenge moments earlier. JP Treacy converted another free on 26 minutes leaving Gowran ahead 0-6 to 0-2 at half time.
Thomas Carroll scored his second score of the game (32 mins) before Conahy were awarded a penalty which resulted in a goal (33 mins). . JP Treacy replied by converting a 65 in the 34th minute and in the 37th minute Jody Foley pounced on a breaking ball in the Conahy square and lashed the ball to the net. The next nine minutes were to be the most fruitful of the game for both sides with points being scored thick and fast. Gowran added six more points from Danny Glendon (3), Charlie Carter (2) and Thomas Carroll (41, 42, 43, 45, 47, 49 mins) to Conahys four (40, 46, 47 and 48 mins). JP Treacy added another 65 in the 58 minute and Ollie Carter pointed with the last puck of the game.

Team: James O'Neill, Ger Corcoran, Emmett Byrne, Jack Glendon, Patrick Drennan, Ollie Carter (0-1), Martin Carter, Michael Lennon, Eoin Walsh, JP Treacy (0-4, 2f, 2 65'), Thomas Carroll (0-3), Jody Foley (1-1), Charlie Carter (0-4), Peter Carroll, Paul Delahaunty Subs: Danny Glendon (0-3) for Paul Delahaunty (7 mins), Declan Bennett for Eoin Walsh (25 mins), Liam Drea for Declan Bennett (55 mins)

Junior A's fall just short

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JJ Kavanagh and Sons Northern Junior A Hurling championship third round
Young Irelands 1-10      Graigue Ballycallan 1-11
After victory over St Martins in the second round Gowran were faced with the task of taking on the Northern League champions in Graigue Ballycallan. Unfortunately their efforts fell short with just one point between the teams at the whistle.
With a strong breeze blowing into the Goresbridge end goal it was always going to be a case of each team dominating one half. Irelands took to the field in the first half with the wind at their backs. Jody Foley scored the first point from play in the first minute and JP Treacy added a free in the 3rd before Graigue Ballycallan replied with a point in the 5th. Treacy added three more frees (6th, 8th and 18th minutes). Then in the 24th minute a high ball into the Irelands square was turned to the net by the Ballycallan full forward. This seemed to rouse the Gowran men though as Treacy added two frees (24th and 26th minutes), Thomas Carroll added a point (27th minute) and Charlie Carter repeated the earlier Ballycallan feat of turning a high ball past the on rushing keeper (29th minute) to leave the score Young Irelands up 1-8 to 1-1 at the break.
The second half began with six unanswered Ballycallan points in the 31st, 32nd, 34th, 37th, 40th and 44th minutes. JP Treacy pointed a free in the 45th to break the trend but Graig had added four more points in the 45th, 49th, 51st and 54th minutes to leave Gowran looking for two points to level things before the finish. They did manage one as Charlie Carter pointed in the 57th minute but no more came in the final three minutes giving Graig Ballycallan the narrowest of victories.

Team; James O'Neill, Ger Corcoran, Jack Glendon, Patrick Drennan, Martin Carter, Willie Bolger, Eoin Walsh, Paul Delahaunty, Michael Lennon, Jody Foley (0-1), Thomas Carrol (0-1), JP Treacy (0-7, 7f), Charlie Carter (1-1), Peter Carroll, Eoin Farrell subs; Alan Drennan for Eoin Farrell (45 min), Danny Glendon, Liam Drea, Declan Bennett

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